EASYMASTER Second Genaration Servo Drive Series


Driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system, the EM-SVP/2 injection moulding machine series combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servo drive, integrated with a proprietary servo controller into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest power consumption at the same time.

Ultimate Energy Saving

Saves up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional fixed pump systems*

Ultimate Response

The response speed is more than double of a variable displacement pump

Ultimate Precision & Repeatability

Up to 0.5% repeatability even under extremely low speed & prolonged holding conditions

Long Operational Life

Low oil temperature conserves cooling water and reduces the need for hydraulic oil thus extends the useable lives of hydraulic parts

*Subject to different product applications and cycle times.


Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-02 Intelligent Network Computer Controller

The Ai-02 is a high-performance intelligent controller designed and developed by Japan and fully passed the JIS standards. Supported by the latest SMT technology, it maintains greatly stability and reliability. Data can be retained over five years without external power supply. Multi-lingual interface for free switch, easy for study and operation.