The Easymaster V-series injection moulding machine combines half a century of expertise in machine design with industry- leading VDP energy-saving technology into a highly efficient, highly energy-saving, high speed, high precision and rock- solid reliable package. The high-powered injection unit enables high injection speed for a wide range of applications, plus special-purpose high-speed screw designs that yield substantially better product quality while significantly shortening cycle time.

  • Clamping force 80 tons to 560 tons
  • Shot weight from 113 grams to 2340 grams
  • Dry Cycle time from 1.6 seconds to 4.0 seconds
  • Variable Displacement pump with fast responses to deliver the appropriate amount of power that matches actual requirements of the process, resulting in electricity savings of 30-50%*.
  • Equipped with a high-performance oil-filter, hydraulic oil is repeatedly filtered and cleaned during normal machine operations, eventually reaching NAS8 (USA) standards (i.e. cleaner than new oil). Cleanliness of the hydraulic system is never an issue with the C2 series.
  • Ai-02 intelligent networkable computer controller comes standard with multi-lingual interfaces, built-in networking, advanced intelligent diagnostics, and the ability to retain data for over five years without external power.
  • *Subject to different product application and cycle times.

Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-02 Intelligent Network Computer Controller

The Ai-02 is a high-performance intelligent controller designed and developed by Japan and fully passed the JIS standards. Supported by the latest SMT technology, it maintains greatly stability and reliability. Data can be retained over five years without external power supply. Multi-lingual interface for free switch, easy for study and operation.