The Jetmaster Ai-series of injection moulding machine with intelligent controls is the new flagship product line of the Chen Hsong Group. The high-end series combines the high performance “Ai-02” intelligent computer controller(built-in networking, intelligent diagnostic and on-line assistance)with hydraulic circuit optimized by the best European and Japanese expertise, resulting in even higher speed, shorter cycle times, significantly better control precision and unmatched ease-of-use.

  • Clamping force of 98 to 228 tons.
  • Shot weight from 96.2 grams to 669 grams.
  • Dry cycle time from 1.6 seconds to 2.4 seconds.
  • Patented Circular Platen design evenly distributes stress, improves product quality, reduce fatigue to moulds and prolongs platen life.
  • Second-generation energy-saving system saves up to 40%* of electricity.
  • Optimized five-point toggle design improves stability and enhances clamping speed.
  • Dual injector cylinders ensures injection precision.
  • High-precision linear guide rails suitable for very high speed injection, greatly improves injection precision.
  • Ai-02 advanced controller built with the latest control technology, fully networkable, with a full range of intelligent features.

*Subject to different product application and cycle time.

Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-02 Intelligent Network Computer Controller

The Ai-02 is a high-performance intelligent controller designed and developed by Japan and fully passed the JIS standards. Supported by the latest SMT technology, it maintains greatly stability and reliability. Data can be retained over five years without external power supply. Multi-lingual interface for free switch, easy for study and operation.