JETMASTER DM Multi-Material Series


 Injection Moulding Machine uses the modular design with two independent proportional flow and pressure control systems controlling two independent injection units, enhances the repeatability and improves the quality of products • Five-point toggle design enhances stability and productivity • Rotary platen driven by imported servomotor with a hydraulic pin guarantees high precision and positional accuracy • Two independent injection units and ejectors to satisfy multi-material production needs • When rotating, the rotary platen is physically isolated from the moving platen, thus ensuring maximum safety for operations and moulds.

Injection Unit

  • Nitride Injection Screw and Barrel
  • 10-stage injection speed, injection pressure and holding pressure
  • 10-stage plasticising speed and pressure
  • Cold start prevention and automatic preheat
  • Back pressure setting
  • Automatic detection of blocked
Clamping Unit

  • Optimized 5-point toggle
  • Low-pressure mould protection prevents mould from damage
  • 5-stage clamping speed and pressure control
  • Two independent controls of hydraulic ejectors
  • Vibrating ejector
  • Automatic mould adjustment
  • Driven by Servomotor
  • Mould cooling devices connector

Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-12P Intelligent Networkable Computer Controller

  • Store up to 150 sets of moulding parameters
  • Up to 7 zones of PID temperature control and 2-stage nozzle temperature control
  • Multi alarm functions
  • Automatic monitoring production progress
  • Proportional pressure and flow control