JETMASTER SVP/2 Servo Drive Large Series


Driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system, the second-generation SVP/2 power pack combines a fast-response gear pump with a high-precision servomotor, integrated with a proprietary servo-drive into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response, highest precision and lowest power consumption at the same time

Injection Unit

  • High resolution potentiometers provide superior positional control precision

  • Nitrided injection screw and barrel with supreme anti-wear properties and long useable life

  • Compact twin injection cylinder design

  • Back pressure control

  • Balanced dual-cylinder design provides secure holding pressure for injection carriage and prevents drooling (on certain models)

  • Screw and barrel maintenance are made easy with pivot cylinder to turn injection unit (on certain models)

  • PID barrel and nozzle temperature control ensures high melt quality

  • Radial piston-type hydraulic motor drives the screw directly. The high torque is able to process a wide range of materials with optimal melt quality and mixing, effectively shortening recovery time

  • Cold-start prevention ensures that the screw does not rotate until the preset temperature profile is reached

Exclusive Circular Platen (Patent)

China Utility Model Patent ZL01 2 57876.2

  • Even stress distribution to moulds, improves production stability and quality

  • Greatly reduces stress concentration, lengthens mould life

  • Enhanced stress distribution, guaranteed for ten years#

Multi-pump Combination Hydraulic Power System (Patent no.: ZL200910192111.6)

The patented Multi-pump Combination Hydraulic Power system, provide closed-loop control with single-pump pressure and rapid pressure relief. Highest energy efficiency is achieved while maintaining fast response, low-impact pressure and high control accuracy.

#Under correct use and normal circumstances, free maintenance up to ten years for first hand owner.

Clamping Unit

  • T-slot (Optional)

  • Designed via finite element analysis with a focus on high structural integrity

  • Adjustable slider supports movable platen

  • High-tensile tie-bars, induction hardened, with chrome-plated surfaces

  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment

  • Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic safety devices

  • Regenerative hydraulic circuit shortens cycle time and enhances efficiency

  • Multiple ejector system

  • Core pulling devices

  • Multiple cooling water distributor

  • Electrical/ pneumatic automatic front guard door (on certain models)

  • Low pressure mould protection feature effectively prevents mould damage

  • Mould height adjustment by hydraulic motor combined with gear mechanism


Intelligent Servo System

Energy Saving

Saves up to 80% of electricity compared to traditional fixed pump systems*
Ultimate Precision & Repeatability
Up to 0.5% repeatability even under extremely low speed & prolonged holding conditions
Ultimate Response
The response speed is more than double of a variable displacement pump
Long Operational Life
Low oil temperature conserves cooling water and reduces the need for hydraulic oil thus extends the useable lives of hydraulic parts
*Subject to different product applications and cycle times.

Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-12 Intelligent Network Computer Controller

The Ai-12 is a high-performance, new generation intelligent computer controller available exclusively from Chen Hsong. Designed in Japan and constructed with the latest SMT technology, its boasts fully compatibility with JIS standards, enhanced stability and ultimate reliability. This controller comes standard with multi-lingual interfaces, built-in networking, advanced intelligent diagnostics, and the ability to retain data for over five years without external power.

Hot-runner Temperature Control (Mould Temperature Control)-Optional

Hot-runner temperature control function is integrated on the controller and the precision is as high as ±1°C. Up to 60 groups of mould temperature can be controlled. Alarm will sound and the plasticizing will stop if abnormal mould temperature is encountered, thus the product quality is guaranteed

Program Real-time Monitor

Inheriting the excellent tradition of Chen Hsong controllers, Ai-12 adopts an open system platform, and clients could monitor the operating condition of every stage of the machine at anytime, thus greatly facilitates maintenance and inspection, and reduces the idle time for maintenance

Intelligent Maintenance Reminder

The controller could automatically record the date of last machine maintenance, and remind clients when the next maintenance date comes, so that permanent abrasion of the machine due to improper maintenance is prevented.