Mini JET Series  


The MINIJET injection moulding machine series is your ideal partner for producing precision and miniature products. It combines the high-performance “ Ai–02” intelligent computer controller (built-in networking, intelligent diagnostics and on-line assistance) with a hydraulic circuit optimized by the best European and Japanese expertise, resulting in even higher speed, shorter cycle times, significantly better control precision and unmatched ease-of-use

Injection Unit

  • High-performance linear guide (for H type) enables seamless motion control, improves structural strength of the dynamic system, greatly enhances precision of injection
  • The nozzle is co-planar with the two perfectly-balanced injector cylinders - no lateral forces act on the unit during injection that enabling precise injection control

Clamping Unit

  • Two Different Clamping Units available: Toggle and Hydraulic Clamping Unit
  • The Hydraulic clamping mechanism enhances balanced stress distribution, assuring products quality and prolong the mould life
  • Optimized five-point toggle design for even higher clamping speed and longer opening stroke

Intelligent Computer Controller

Ai-02 Intelligent Network Computer Controller

High-precision potentiometers with built-in networking, intelligent diagnostics and on-line assistance features.