Mini JET SVP/2 Servo Drive Machine


The Minijet Second Generation Servo Drive Injection Moulding Machine, driven by the intelligent servo system from Bosch Rexroth, the MJ SVP/2 machine combines a highest efficiency, energy saving, low inertia, highest response and lower noise when operation, especially suitable to refined and high precision product applications.

Ultimate Response

Rapid response, based on low-inertia of the internal gear pump and synchronous motors.

Low Noise Contamination

Rexroth optimized its full series of PGH Internal Gear Pump for this application.

Energy Saving

  • SVP/2 system, the synchronous rotary speed controlled servomotor with control unit inside drives a fixed internal gear pump. The motor speed times the displacement of the gear pump determines the output flow, the system pressure is measured by a pressure sensor for real-time, can provide the required flow according the requirement to eliminate non-functioning consumption! 
  • Select highly efficient components to achieve high efficacy: the internal gear pump PGH has been optimized for variable speed, high efficiency, and low leakage.

Ultimate Precision & Repeatability

With high-precision pressure sensor HM17 and the motor speed feedback for monitoring, the pressure and flow command was compared with the actual value in real time, the control error is processed by a specific tailored PID controller.

Low Inertia

Low inertia, wide power range, high-speed, and the compact structure of synchronous servo motors was ensure that the system requirements of high dynamic.