The SUPERMASTER series of All-Electric injection moulding machine driven entirely by innovative electric servomotors from Beckhoff®. The patented non-linear injection system enables unique combination of high speed, high pressure and long holding period contributes significantly to the enhanced precision and repeatability. It is your perfect partner for manufacturing high value-added, high precision and difficult moulding parts.

Ultra High Energy Saving
Saves up to 80% Electricity* & 90% Cooling Water*
High Injection Speed
330mm/s - Perfect for thin parts
High Holding Pressure
Up to 120 seconds at 1500 bar holding pressure
Ultra Fast
1.2 sec. dry cycle time
High Response
0-99% in 80 ms
Ultra Clean & Quiet
Perfect for Clean Room applications
*Subject to different product application and cycle times.

New Age Intelligent Computer Controller

The New Age Computer Controller is a high-performance, next-generation, intelligent networkable controller available exclusively from Chen Hsong. This controller comes standard with multi-lingual interfaces, built-in Ethernet connectivity, integrated control of up to 40 high precision (±1º C) auxiliary temperature controls modules, with automatic stop upon alarm detection to ensure product quality.

Beckhoff®’ s real-time EtherCAT I/O modules provide ultimate high speed (0.2ms scan time), high precision (16-bit resolution), high reliability (99.99% up-time), and unparalleled configuration flexibility, while advanced TwinCAT motion control technology ensures no-compromise performance levels.

  • 15" Touch Screen HMI
  • Ethernet, USB and RS232 communication interfaces
  • Windows®-based industrial-strength embedded O/S
  • Full set of graphs and icons
  • Supports 8 sets of core pulls standard (expandable)
  • Supports 4 sets of air blows standard (expandable)
  • 4-stage clamping control
  • Fully closed-loop synchronised 4-axis operations