Double cylinder injection unit design saves the machine space. Ion-nitrified barrel, screw and other essential components are well treated to ensure extended life. Easy adjustable and reliable multi-step injection pressure and speed control are employed for product various high accuracy injection mouldings. Cold start protection ensures that the screw will not rotate until the preset temperature profile is reached.

Intelligent Computer Controller

CDC-2000 Japanese intacted Computer Controller

  • Extra-large 10.4〞(TFT) colorful LCD screen adoptedas the dynamic motion-graphic and the real-time hint explanations. Facilitated to learn from the operation circumstances.
  • 100 sets of the large flash ROM memories for saving the conditions of the mold formation automatically. Associated with the internal mold no copy skill and the floppy backup function. Communicated through the RS-232 interface for monitoring the formation data by itself or printing out the parameter by the EPSON STYLUS COLOR printer.
  •  PID temperature control mode.
  • Nozzle zone PID temperature control independently (Optional) Clamp/Injection adopted as the high precision optical ENCODER. Ejector complied with the accurate position control by the analog potentiometer.